You’ll Be Amazed What A Robot Does w/ 256 Liters of Wine in “Proyecto Arte con Vino” #TBT

Perhaps I’ve hit too many wineries while out on the road lately, but for this week’s Throwback campaign, I wanted to highlight a 2011 program done in Bogotá, Columbia that I always thought was a stellar way to turn product into the experience itself.


Using a 13 x 8.2 foot structure with 1000 acrylic cells and an automated robotic mechanism, Navarro Correas winery allowed consumers to choose a cell and send it a text message, which resulted in a robot arm filling the corresponding box with with 1 of 6 different shades of wine to recreate Van Gogh’s self portrait using Navarro Correas wine. Sure, it’s similar to Old Navy’s #Selfiebration campaign (which was also quite rad), but this was Bogota in 2011…not Times Square in 2014.

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