Youtube’s #ProudToLove Video Is A Powerful Tribute & Tearjerker For Marriage Equality

Youtube has just released a powerful video on marriage equality that is going viral–with a simply message of “YouTube is #ProudToLove the LGBT community and marriage equality.” Watch it here:

Similar to last week’s transgender acceptance video by Google, this video highlights the personal and political struggle of individuals in the LGBT community.

The Ham’s Take

We love it. In support of this video, we’re dumping our own money into promoting this post because we stand with Google/Youtube in supporting the LGBT community. This video is bold, but Youtube’s message has been consistent from the beginning–equality for all–and we couldn’t agree more.

“My son is not an issue, he is a person.”

Filled with powerful soundbites like “My son is not an issue, he is a person”, this year’s LGBT videos only further highlight Google/Youtube’s commitment to equality. More importantly, these videos highlight a shift in our nation. For supporting those who are less represented, honoring the bold, and empowering all of its user, we salute you YouTube!

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