Paradigm Press, an Agora Financial company and part of The Agora Companies, is seeking a highly motivated marketer to join their team as an Internal Marketer, to help manage their largest and most profitable internal email marketing lists.

Paradigm Press Publishing marketers are in a unique position within their organization. They have large marketing budgets and an opportunity to drive massive growth and make a direct impact on the bottom line of the business. Their marketing team is a motivated, results-driven bunch who wake up every morning hungry to find ways to improve their bottom line.

This position is not for everybody, if your goal is to simply ‘punch the clock’ please do not apply for this role. If the thought of driving real, measurable results does not get you excited, please do not apply for this job. If you want to watch YouTube videos or chat with your friends on Facebook while at work, please do not apply for this job.

If you are up for a challenge, however, are a hard worker, and enjoy a dynamic, fast-paced environment, this job may be for you.

Candidates must be organized, driven, and eager to learn and make an impact on the business. They should also demonstrate a high level of organization, a willingness to constantly learn, and collaborate with co-workers.

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in taking the next step in their career. The sky’s the limit for the right person as a marketer in their organization. You just need to be willing to show you will work for it…


The Internal Marketing Specialist will be responsible for helping manage the operational setup and approval of online dedicated email placements and insert ads to their in-house customer lists.

Duties include managing online marketing workflow to meet all deadlines and send dates. This person will also have to coordinate internally with the web team and product managers. The ideal candidate will have some experience with online advertising and possess the desire to learn and help shape their internal marketing strategy.

Candidates should have a basic understanding of campaign costs, response rates, and the ability to optimize to meet campaign objectives and goals. Candidates should be innovative, team-oriented, effective communicators, and have the desire to participate in a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities. Most importantly for this role, you must be ORGANIZED and PROACTIVE in getting projects started.

– Coordinate with web, production, copy and art teams to manage the operational/creative campaign setups.
– Proactively manage workflow to ensure deadlines are met.
– Run reporting and analyze data for marketing efforts.
– Make strategic decisions on which products to promote based on historical performance and performance trends.
– Set up and track performance of e-letter gauntlets (auto-responder series).
– Build campaign efforts in their marketing management system, IRIS, and approve test emails for internal dedicated sends as well as Agora swaps.
– Build and maintain strong working relationships with multiple internal departments as well as other Agora affiliates.
– Become versed in all Agora Financial product lines, promotions, and current marketing tactics/metrics.
– Learn personnel and work flows. Specifically, existing team and direct contacts in other departments- production, copy, web development, and customer service.
– Demonstrate advanced understanding of testing methodology specifically a/b testing, landing page optimization, upsell/cross sell/down sell paths, pricing, etc.
– Ensure internal data integrity by keeping campaigns organized and using internal best practices.
– Learn Paradigm Press systems- IRIS, basic understanding of Advantage, WordPress, etc.

– 1-2 years of experience in a marketing or advertising role.
– General understanding of email marketing and marketing copy.
– Comfortable with analyzing data and making decisions.
– Ability to work independently and solve problems without persistent guidance from supervisor.
– Willingness to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment.
– Ability to work well under deadlines in a changing environment.
– Ability to perform multiple tasks effectively and concurrently is a must!
– Demonstrate ability to think analytically, solve problems, make decisions and use sound judgment.
– Excellent communication skills.
– Ability and desire to understand and discuss new technical concepts.
– Comfortable with analyzing and making decisions based on campaign performance data.
– Most importantly: The unrelenting desire to acquire new customers and meet aggressive KPIs.

Agora Financial offers a wide variety of benefits, programs, and services to their employees, including:
– Medical, vision, and dental insurance plans.
– Employer-subsidized parking.
– 401(k) plan with employer matching.
– Generous vacation time and paid holidays.
– Fitness programs and discounts.
– Casual dress code.

If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to the link provided.

About Agora Financial

Agora Financial provides independent economic and alternative health ideas to help everyday folks live a more independent, healthy and wealthy life. They publish these ideas through print and online publications.

Agora Financial is all about "fat-tail" ideas.

Everyone on the team needs to be OK with continuous testing. Which means they also need to be OK with failing. At AF, failing = learning. And the minute you stop taking chances, shaking things up, and exploring new ideas is the minute you fall behind.

They believe in putting in the hard work, and pushing one another. They believe that personal growth and development of individuals is only a small piece of the pie. And that the real wins are higher quality products for subscribers, and success for the team at large.