Paradigm Press, a division of Agora Financial and part of The Agora Companies, is seeing a Graphic Designer to join its team.

This role is responsible for designing and building sales letter landing pages using HTML and CSS to acquire subscribers. Additionally, they are responsible for conceptualizing, producing, managing, and optimizing graphic assets for use across landing pages, sales funnels, and ads. The person in this role works closely with the copywriter to conceptualize the graphic assets for landing pages and the layout of the page, and then implements these designs in their proprietary content hosting software according to best practices within the timeline of the project.

Beyond designing, building, and testing the functionality of these pages, the person in this role collaborates closely with copywriters, designers, marketers, and web developers to conceptualize and build new front-end code variations for A/B and multivariate testing to enhance the user experience and drive an increase in sales. The ideal person for this role sees themselves primarily as a designer, but also a front-end developer and couples their skills with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with their working knowledge of HTML and CSS to implement their designs and seek to perpetually optimize the elements used across promotions.

– Seek to beat the “control” design elements for promos including order forms.
– Proactively collaborate with copywriters, developers, and/or video producers to define the message and specs for the graphic design and web development elements in a project.
– Master the use of their primary system to build landing pages.
-Design multiple iterations of design elements to optimize clarity and persuasiveness.
– Seek out feedback from copywriter, team members, and legal reviewers for graphic assets in a timely manner in -order to allow for revisions and re-iterations.
– Deliver final assets to team members in a timely manner.
– Review and provide feedback regarding sales funnel pages.
– Manage an up-to-date and secure archive of all assets that is accessible to team members.
– Research and implement persuasion techniques to enhance designs.
– Proactively re-iterate control designs for a/b or multivariate testing.
– Proactively learn how to leverage other languages to streamline the development of pages as well as expand functionality and capability.
– Deliver projects in a timely manner in order to allow for feedback collection, testing, and revisions within the timeline of the project.
– Seek to learn how to analyze testing data in order to draw insights for further optimization.
– Proactively seek to optimize current control designs.
– Stay abreast of best practices to improve UI/UX, streamline workflow, or test potential drivers of sales.
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sublime/Atom/Dreamweaver, Foundation, using FTPs, CSS, and HTML.

– Become versed in all Laissez Faire product lines and “control” promotions.
– Learn personnel and work flows. Specifically existing team and direct contacts in other departments: Marketing, – Copy, Web Development, and Customer Service.
– Learn naming conventions, storage of assets, and project management tools for the production of promos.
– Learn systems to build promos: IRIS, WordPress.

Agora Financial offers a wide variety of benefits, programs, and services to their employees, including:
– Medical, vision, and dental insurance plans.
– Employer-subsidized parking.
– 401(k) plan with employer matching.
– Generous vacation time and paid holidays.
– Fitness programs and discounts.
– Casual dress code.

If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to the link provided.

About Agora Financial

Agora Financial provides independent economic and alternative health ideas to help everyday folks live a more independent, healthy and wealthy life. They publish these ideas through print and online publications.

Agora Financial is all about "fat-tail" ideas.

Everyone on the team needs to be OK with continuous testing. Which means they also need to be OK with failing. At AF, failing = learning. And the minute you stop taking chances, shaking things up, and exploring new ideas is the minute you fall behind.

They believe in putting in the hard work, and pushing one another. They believe that personal growth and development of individuals is only a small piece of the pie. And that the real wins are higher quality products for subscribers, and success for the team at large.