we’s roles world wide and will personally assist all interested in working with us,
Were looking for abled bodied people to become city and town couriers to your local population for food and small picks from other stores.
Option to be paid daily.
Choose when you want to work.
Full support in getting started with equipment and getting on road
All applicants welcome (job seekers,ex-prisoners EVERYONE!)
We’ve 100 time slots open a week and they go quick so sign up now
Advise and guidance from experienced staff
Requirements: transport Minimum;Bike, car,scooter or foot recommended Bike, car,scooter;
Registration at this stage is either visit our signing up page www.mercurytherider.com/getting-paid.
Education level:basic english (if you can understand the written words here or can translate it with your phone that good enough!)

Pay Weekly:£500 – £1000
Business information
PO Box 4385, 10295621, Cardiff, CF14 8LH
Telephone: 07771003570