We’re looking to hire freelance writers who can help enable us to provide the premier online experience for learning about skydiving, hot air balloon rides, helicopter charters, flight lessons, and many more exciting, adventurous services. Through static evergreen content on prominent subjects for each service to newsworthy articles, we create, edit and update every word on skydiving.com and many other high profile domains.

Your top reasons to work with us:

  • Work wherever you like
  • Work whenever you like, completing as little as one project per week
  • Receive as many or as few projects as you want
  • Prioritize work from other jobs at any time
  • Be paid quickly after completing and editing your work
  • Influence the masses
  • Granted valued input into the direction of our content

Virtually unlimited content available to be written: No single person can write all the content we need, which is why we are looking for numerous experienced freelance writers to help us. As quickly as you are able to correctly complete one project, another can be made available for you. We’ll tailor the workload to your needs.

Some simple questions before we start:

  • Are you located in the United States?
  • How many projects do you typically work on daily?
  • How often do you write?

The writing sample: We have a specific page that we’ll ask you to write. The format will be similar to what you can expect in receiving an entire project, and we’ll use this to adjudicate your skill level in relation to the needs this position requires. It’s an unpaid but necessary sample to ensure a good working relationship ensues, and we ask for the same sample from all applicants.

Payment terms: We work with writers that can receive payments via Paypal, and all payments are issued 2-3 days after your work has been received.

Quality expectations:

  • Spelling, grammar, and syntax error free
  • Adhere to given word minimum and maximums
  • Thoroughly describe the subject matter
  • Maintain a sensible flow between subjects
  • Write how you would want to read
  • Include benefits for the consumer with each call to action

Full, part-time, or temporary – it’s up to you: Change the amount of time you put in each day or week for any reason. All we ask is that you complete and edit at least one project per week. With that said, it’s work repeating that we can allot as much or as few projects as you would like. Just notify us through our content administrator Mia for any increase or decrease in workload, so you can make as much money as you need.

How work is completed: A Google document will be created for each project that details the subject matter, links to supporting materials, and provides any and all instructions. Please complete all work in the Google document, so that we can check on your progress without asking. Understanding where each project is also helps us have a new project ready for you after the previous one is complete.

Your primary contact: For any questions and comments, email Mia. She has worked with us for some time now and can efficiently help you with anything you need. After your resume has been reviewed, she’ll be the first to contact you.