10 Advertising Agencies We Want To Work For, Based On Their Instagram Accounts

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Instagram is notorious for transforming creative work environments into their very own brands–clever and quirky spaces that we love to follow. Anyone scrolling through his or her feed immediately stops to heart the picture or write a quick, emoji-filled comment. Even if you love your job, there’s no denying that we’re surrounded by agencies that are snapping pics of puppies, doughnuts, and craft brews ’round the clock.

If we should never judge a book by its cover, revamping that adage for 2015 would mean never judging an agency by its Instagram feed. The thing is: on the occasion, we like to judge. Taking into consideration the overall work environment, aesthetics, and feel of the pictures posted, I’ve scouted out 10 advertising agencies on Instagram that anyone in the ad industry would be happy to work for.

1) @factorylabs, Factory Design Labs (Denver, CO)

Proudly open 24 hours, Factory Labs embodies its site mission statement where “we live to create.” Design and aesthetics play a huge role on their Instagram, with images posted displaying minimalist interior office shots (hello, awesome super-long red couch) and exteriors of Denver and beyond.

2) @180la, 180LA (Los Angeles, CA)

A photo posted by 180la (@180la) on

Who isn’t in a state of perpetual California dreamin’? 180la knows all work and no play is no way to run an agency and their feed is poppin’ with rooftop BBQs, new employee welcomes framed with palm trees in the background, and even office gel manicures.

3) @roundhousepdx, Roundhouse Agency (Portland, OR)

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Committed to only one plan, make great work; Roundhouse has brought that plan to its Insta feed just as much as they have with their clients. Dare ya to scroll through their account without salivating from the seriously delicious #DonutDeathMatch to proposing a team toast to more outdoor lunches.

4) @goodby_silverstein, Goodby Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco, CA)

When your motto is to make stuff people care about, you can expect to make time for creative downtime. At Goodby Silverstein & Partners, that means turning Friday afternoons into art class. Get me an easel, yo.

5) @hzdg, HZDG (Bay Area, NYC, Baltimore, D.C.)

A photo posted by @hzdg on

I initially picked interactive agency HZDG’s account due to its frequent usage of the color orange, but everything changed when I saw the chicken. Where did he come from? They don’t know either. #agencylife #betitsthechickenredsawinoitnb

6) @collemcvoy, Colle + McVoy (Minneapolis, MN)

A photo posted by @collemcvoy on

The love for Minnesota never stops flowing with Colle + McVoy, and you know I can never resist a summer party invite, especially one with a DJ set by Chromeo.

7) @socialdistillery, Social Distillery (Austin, TX)

Skydiving is all par for the team building course with Social Distillery. Not sure if I would be as brave as their team though – the hashtag #thefearisreal alone gets my palms sweaty.

8) @st8mnt, St8mnt (Nashville, TN)

A photo posted by ST8MNT BRAND AGENCY (@st8mnt) on

St8mnt knows a thing or two about making brands look dope – ICYMI, they’ve got design credits for Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Ms. Swift aside though, their branding extends to all things music including the CMA Music Festival.

9) @carrotcreative, Carrot Creative (New York, NY)

Ever find an Insta account so good, you start liking all of the pictures in a row and can’t stop? That’s Carrot Creative for ya. The work/life balance is alive and well here – we’ve got doughnuts, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and… Are they tie-dying t-shirts? YES THEY ARE. Sign me up for an employee for a day program, stat!

10) @leoburnett, Leo Burnett (Chicago, IL)

A photo posted by Leo Burnett (@leoburnett) on

In this industry we can’t forget to keep our eyes on the prize: moving on up to working within the hallowed halls of some of advertising’s best and brightest. For me, that means one day having a photo of my “morning grind” captured like Judy’s at Leo Burnett.

I know I must have left your favorite agency off of this list – leave a comment and tell me who!

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