4K Video on iPhone 6S Transforms Everyday Moments into Beautiful Footage

Ever seen a video so beautiful it made you want to cry harder than when you watched The Notebook for the first time? Well, this satirical ad from Apple and the geniuses at TBWA\Media Arts Lab, prove that the iPhone 6s’ 4K video can make whatever you shoot look that beautiful—even onions.

The point of the 60 second spot is that if onions can bring you to tears in real life, with video quality this good, you’re going to need a box of Kleenex (and an agent) when your new iPhone video becomes a major motion picture. In the commercial, a tween girl takes a video of her mother slicing an onion, and the footage is so clear and artful, that she ends up taking home her first film award, presented by the ever-charming Neil Patrick Harris (we miss you Doogie!).

The iPhone 6s high-definition smartphone camera can turn the scenes of everyday life into the summer’s hottest blockbuster. The 4K video is meant to inspire you to capture and share the most beautiful pics, stories, and videos from your day to day life—because it’s all a work of art.

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