Etihad Airways and Nicole Kidman ‘Reimagine’ Flight in Virtual Reality Film

It’s starting to look like the solution to all of our first world problems is virtual reality. Drink, sleep, VR, repeat. But really, if you’re going take a VR tour it might as well be with Nicole Kidman (somehow reverse aging better than Tom Cruise) on a luxurious Etihad Airways flight. Etihad Airways, based in Abu-Dabi, worked with Cheil Worldwide’s Barbarian group to create the “Reimagine” film along with prodco MediaMonks, and it certainly is “a virtual reality experience you won’t want to come down from.”

Essentially, the film is an interactive tour of the plane’s plush interior (private rooms, beds, first class bliss) and all the exquisite experiences Etihad Airways provides its flyers (read: cocktails, mood lighting, and inexplicably edible airplane food).

It wasn’t exactly an ad, most people will probably never make the leap from twirling around in the 360 degree VR tour to actually buying a ticket on Etihad, but it sure was beautiful.

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