ICYMI: ICBINB Created a Toaster With Lasers to Make Mornings Better

Now, this is something worth getting out of bed for. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spent 8 weeks working with Axios NYC to build the UnbelievaBot: a Wifi-enabled toaster that can print just about any image, like Fabio’s face, since he’s making a comeback as ICBINB’s spokesperson (he worked with the brand in the ‘90s in between romance cover shoots). The toaster spits out images in about 3-5 minutes and has already printed nearly 1500 different toast masterpieces, which are probably up for auction on eBay or something.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter marketing director Benjamin Crook says, “this is a brand we have fun with. We don’t take ourselves very seriously at all, but we’re really serious about taste” which is why they worked with Deep Focus to come up with a whimsical campaign where waking up is actually fun to do. I mean, if we could make our own Grilled Cheesuz for breakfast, we’d think about getting up before the sun. Sadly, the UnbelievaBot isn’t for sale. Guess we’ll have to settle for romance novels and butter substitutes to kick off the day.

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