Reebok and Ronda Rousey Think We Should Be Less Perfect, More Human

Here’s the thing about being perfect: no one is. And when Holly Holm ended UFC World Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey’s perfect MMA record, it proved Rousey is human. But she prefers it that way, as seen in Reebok’s #PerfectNever spot from Venables Bell & Partners.

Rousey might not be perfect, but she is the perfect fit for Reebok and their “Be More Human” campaign. In the ad, Rousey morphs from photoshoot-ready to fight-ready and exclaims that she’s fine not being perfect, which gives MMA fans hope that she’ll soon be ready to fight again as she hasn’t stepped in the ring since her loss to Holm. While the #PerfectNever spot definitely targets MMA fans, using some femvertising tactics, the message also strikes a chord with women everywhere who feel the constant pressure to be perfect. If badass Ronda Rousey can fight against the standards of perfectionism, so can the rest of us: being perfect isn’t as powerful as being human.

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