Why Whirlpool and Digitas is Putting Washers and Dryers in School

You woke up today, you (probably) put on clean clothes and walked out into the world without thinking twice about it. The truth of the matter is that for most of us, doing laundry is a chore, an inconvenience. But it’s a chore we’re lucky enough to have. What we forget is that there are many people who aren’t so fortunate, and some of them are students. What we probably don’t think about, is that clean clothes actually have an impact on school attendance for young kids. They’d rather stay home than go to school in dirty duds.

With this in mind, Whirlpool and Digitas LBi worked together on the “Care Counts” program to place washers and dryers in schools where children were missing school because they were afraid to show up to school in unwashed clothes. These videos introduce the program and highlight the difference clean clothes can make in a student’s life. Simply put by one student, “[it] makes me feel like I fit in more.” Say what you will about causevertising, this cause is a great one, and Whirlpool stepped up to the plate to help kids in need.

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