Is This The Best Student Work of 2015?

This spec piece for Johnnie Walker by students Daniel Titz & Dorian Lebherz may be the most riveting student work we’ve seen–and a definite contender for #Hampspiration of the year.


Directors: Dorian Lebherz, Daniel Titz
Director of Photography: Jan David Günther
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Producers: Madlen Folk, Johann Valentinitsch
Starring: Mathew Lewis Carter, Robin Guiver
Editor: Raquel Nuñez
Music: Renée Abe
Sound Design: Marvin Keil
Voiceover: John Reilly
1st Assistant Camera: Adrian Huber
Colorist: Jan David Günther

h/t: Adweek

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