Major Tech Brands Are Releasing Statements Opposing Trump’s Transgender Rollback

In case you missed it, on Wednesday President Donald J. Trump rolled back protections for transgender kids in public schools. Here’s a noteworthy summary of the rollback from The Young Turks Network, an independent media source:

As you can imagine, the response to Trump’s rollback has been massive. The LGBTQA community has taken to Twitter, to Facebook, and to the streets in a public outcry against what many are calling an attack on the trans community.

Hollywood’s most famous transgender and advocate for the LGBTQA community, Caitlyn Jenner, came out with her response to the rollback late Thursday:

And while Jenner’s response may be garnering the majority of the attention online, some of the world’s largest brands are also stepping up to oppose the Trump administration’s rollback. The leadership and brands like Airbnb, Microsoft, Salesforce, Twitter and Square are tweeting to make it clear that they support the trans community:


Jack Dorsey – CEO at Square, Twitter

Marc Benioff, CEO at Salesforce

Brad Smith, President at Microsoft

Others, like Google, IBM, and Apple, are releasing statements to the press:

The Ham’s Take

As the Trump administration continues to stumble, tech brands are making it clear that they will push back. We at The Creative Ham are not blind to see that opinions differ even within the creative community, but we will not stand by idly. Brands who boldly proclaim their values and fight for humanity are the ones that win. We support these bolds brands, and we support the trans community. Now, can we see the CPG sector step up?

featured image by DonkeyHotey/flickr

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