Countries Everywhere Are Trolling Donald Trump’s America First Speech

It started with a viral video by The Netherlands that has garnered over 72+ million views in its first two weeks on Facebook & Youtube alone. The video is a spoof on President Donald Trump’s “America First” speec, and was introduced on Zundach met Lubach “to Trump in a way that will probably appeal to him the most.”

Here’s The Netherlands’ video trolling Donald Trump:

Soon after, Germany followed (skip to 1:46):

And then Switzerland got in on the action:

Closely followed by Denmark (skip to 0:25):

Portugal had a good ‘ol time with trolling Donald Trump (skip to 2:08):

Even Finland got in on the action:

And pretty soon, the whole world joined in. Starting with Australia:






Someone even took the message to outer space:

What’s truly amazing about these videos is that the creative trolling of Trump is not coming from one Youtube account, or one individual creative. Worldwide, creatives are jumping on the satyrical bandwagon and joining in on the fun. So, we ask. Who’s it going to be Donald? How will you take your number 2? (poop joke not intended…but kind of).

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