Viewpoint Creative’s Brandathon Campaign Is Simply The Shit

The Ad Club’s 2nd Annual Brandathon (Boston) bridges the gap between the Startup world and Agency world by providing startups with the kind of marketing genius they would otherwise not have access to. This was a 72-hour competition pairing 12 promising startups with 12 of Boston’s top creative agency teams. Agency teams won cash prizes, and startups won an entire branding makeover.

This year’s winner, Viewpoint Creative, created a campaign that’s pretty hilarious. Their campaign is a PSA for Mugatunes, a collegiate music network that promises “No Shitty Music.”

The Ham’s Take

What a reverse-shitstorm of quality execution! In a matter of 72 hours, Viewpoint managed to create an impressive brand and campaign–a testament to their team, but also a powerful ode to the Brandathon/Hackathon format. We’re big believers in these types of competitions, and are pumped to see them take flight. Congrats to Viewpoint, and the runner-ups–36creative and SapientNitro.

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