Here Are The 11 Best Websites to Buy Viral Videos

If you’re looking to license viral videos, then you probably already know: lawsuits and the legalities around using User Generated Content (UGC) have made our ability to leverage this content increasingly challenging, especially for agency creatives. Sourcing content, specifically video, can be a very difficult task. First, you have to find the content, then get permission to use it from the videographer, then lock in approval on the brand side, then get legal approval internally, then externally, and only then is your campaign safe to leverage the content on Owned & Operated platforms, commercials, etc. Then, then, then!

Looking for Viral Videos?

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the 11 best websites where you can buy viral videos without the hassle of all the red tape and annoying legalities.  These companies have done the heavy lifting for you, no legal concerns or revenue splits to worry about–just pay and download. No tomfoolery, no ballyhoo.

11 Best Sites To Buy Viral Videos

Jukin Mediajukinmedia.comFail, Humor, Wins, Cool Stuff, NewsworthyA-
Storyfulstoryful.comNewsworthy, Animals, Cool StuffA
Go   Cool Stuff, Sports, TravelA
Viral Hogviralhog.comAnimals, Cute, Fails, DashcamA-
Video   Newsworthy, Celebrity, BusinessB+
VVUKviralvideouk.comAnimals, Dashcam, FailsB
Brave Bisonbravebison.ioAnimals, Cute, Cool StuffB
DEFYdefymedia.comNewsworthy, EntertainmentB-
Newsflarenewsflare.comNewsworthy, PoliticsB-, Animals, SportsB-
Barcroftbarcroft.tvFreaky, NewsworthyC+

These websites are used by some of the world’s foremost brands and agencies–ranging from WPP to CNN, Omincom to VICE– but can easily be used by small shops, websites, and bloggers.

Comment below if you think I missed any winners!

image source: wikimedia

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