Bill Murray & Bros Launch William Murray Golf — A Brand Everyone Can Get Behind

Only a few of the world’s greatest brands ever reach that sweet spot in advertising and branding. You know it when you see it. Basketball has Nike, tech has Apple, bread has Oprah, beverages has Coca-Cola, and golf had Tiger. Yes, had.  If there was ever an industry in need of a great brand, it’d be golf. Fortunately for golf, it’s hero has arrived. Launching tomorrow, the William Murray Golf line is bringing to golf what, frankly, it desperately needs— A brand everyone can get behind.


Murray Brothers LLC, including actor Bill Murray, are joining Resignation Media, owners of the entertainment website, to launch William Murray Golf, a new lifestyle and apparel brand…and it’s a doozy.

The William Murray Golf line will break away from traditional golf apparel by bringing a new look and feel to the industry with a little irreverence and a lot of style. The entire product line will be available online tomorrow, at and available through their exclusive partner,


On September 21, in celebration of Bill’s birthday, William Murray Golf released a special Chicago-themed polo and two hats, a month before the full line’s launch—they sold out in a few hours.  On top of this incredible feat, a portion of the proceeds from its opening day sales went to the Murray family’s favorite charity in Chicago, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, which helps break the cycle of neglect and abuse for Chicago-area children and young adults, ages 11 to 21.

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One of the more revered actors of our time, Bill Murray has become one of the game’s greatest ambassadors. He’s a fixture at celebrity pro-am tournaments, bringing his fun attitude and entertaining personality to the course wherever he plays. The William Murray Golf line was created to mirror this style and put some fun back into the game through an apparel brand that is creative, fashionable and comfortable. This line will truly be first-of-its kind in the golf world and not one typically seen. It will consist of uniquely designed polos, T-shirts, shorts, hats, and the world’s first golf button-down, which has become Bill’s signature look on the course.

The youngest of the five brothers, actor Joel Murray, says the family’s history has played a vital role in their love of the game. “Growing up caddying helped us learn about strict adherence to rules and subservience,” said Joel. “Caddying also helped us learn we had no interest in either.”

pictured: Bill Murray wearing William Murray Golf's Mums polo at the Ryder Cup (via AP)

pictured: Bill Murray wearing William Murray Golf’s Mums polo at the Ryder Cup (via AP)

Bill’s adoration of golf is well documented and extends far beyond his famous Hollywood role, Carl Spackler in Caddyshack, for which he is universally loved. Along with his brothers, he hosts an annual charity golf tournament, Murray Bros. Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament, in St. Augustine, Fla., with the mission to better the lives in communities across the country. Now with the launch of William Murray Golf, all the Murray brothers will be able to leave a lasting legacy and a mark on the game they love by allowing fans to enjoy their sense of style, both on and off the course. Bill and his brothers worked closely on all aspects of the line to ensure the brand’s authenticity, from creative design to color patterns to production and more.


“We’re going to create a whole new level of excitement to the game,” said John Resig, President of Resignation Media. “Our clothing will focus on bringing high quality, performance elements with creative designs for golfers who want to keep it light.”

Professional golfer and 15-year PGA Tour veteran Pat Perez will serve as William Murray Golf’s first brand ambassador.  One of the most unique personalities in the game of golf today, Perez will be outfitted in William Murray Golf gear while he plays and promotes the brand both on and off the course.

The Ham’s Take

What makes a brand great? Surely a simple Google search will help you find the answer!  Whether it is Inc Magazine’s 7 Things Great Brands Always Do or Forbes’ The Top 7 Characteristics Of Successful Brands, there’s a shitload of academic analyses on great branding out there. Give the articles a read, and you’ll be prepared to conjure up your own canned response on what makes a brand great — clean design, not easily copied, unique, blah, blah, blah.

Yet what’s missing from these, albeit mostly-accurate, analyses on “great branding” is what can’t be summed up in words.  Somewhere in between the evocation of emotion and cultural relevance lies the holy grail of branding, a sweet spot. William Murray Golf may be the first golf brand in a long time to reach that “sweet spot.” It’s cultural relevance, potential to transform an industry, and emotional connect is a force to be reckoned with…and it hasn’t even launched!

Dare we say it? William Murray Golf is on a gravy train with biscuit wheels. Watch out golf world.

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