PLANET EARTH 2 is Here In All Its Glory

Nature has a way of making our creative minds stir. The most natural of things can weave imagery so rich that it seems to be almost fictitious–perhaps we’ve become so distanced from our natural state, or perhaps that’s just how incredible our earth is. Whatever the reason, nature has a way of bringing us back to life and no one media channel captures nature better than BBC Earth. Just recently BBC earth announced the release of it’s second season of Planet Earth. Titled Planet Earth 2, the series has been 10 years in the making and is sure to stir every creative bit our mind. Because it’s Monday, and because nature:

Like the first season of Planet Earth, it appears that Planet Earth 2 will be released in traditional format on linear TV.

The Ham’s Take on Planet Earth 2

C’mon BBC! Release the whole damn series already–so we can all go home, get stoned (errgh, I mean make a cup of tea), and binge-watch Planet Earth 2 in amazement!

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