Slinkachu’s Super Miniature Guerrilla Marketing Installation for Marvel’s Ant-Man Dominates London #baconbits

Slinkachu Installation

Ant-Man + Slinkachu

Slinkachu's Ant-Man Installation

For those that don’t know the work of street artist / photographer Slinkachu, we’d highly recommend you take the remainder of your lunch break to go down a rabbit hole on his portfolio of amazingness. Unlike a lot of his street art brethren, Slinkachu’s artwork is meant to be both fleeting and discoverable when left in the streets, as well as lasting and admired when displayed in his photographs hung in gallery settings. In his own words, he “abandons little people in the streets,” typically in humorous or satirical situations and then photographs them from near and far for his gallery showings.

That said, he was the perfect artist to accurately capture the humor and scale of Marvel’s latest comic book hero for his latest installation series on the streets of London: Ant-Man. The movie was pretty awesome (read: we’re loud & proud comic book nerds), but this promotion…kudos to both parties.







Check out Slinkachu’s instagram for regularly amazing pieces of inspiration.

h/t: little-people

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