This Russian #Instaposter Ad Campaign For NIKE Is On Fleek

Check out this real time and hyper personal approach of a Nike Women’s city attack–a campaign that created an unexpected reward and motivation that provoked an avalanche of action shots on Instagram.

The Ham’s Take

Instinct’s new #Instaposter campaign for Nike is an elegant ode to the age of the insta-online-celebrity, in what may be one of the coolest things to come out of Russia since the grand opening of the Russian ‘Military Disneyland’ Patriot Park. We tip our hats to the folks at Instinct for a sophisticated (yet simple) campaign that bridges the gap between the digital and analog worlds.

In the words of the latest insta-online-celebrity, Peaches Monroee, this ad campaign has us finna get crunk, eyebrows on fleek, dafuq.


Nike: Philip Jacobson, Asya Shustitskaya, Tatiana Khydyakova
Instinct Creatives: Nikolai Fabrika, Olga Veretinskaya, Maxim Demkin
Producers: Anna Chaplygina, Tatyana Chepko
Accounts: Natalya Yasonova, Elena Tochilkina
Social: Darya Tulupova, Alexandra Surina
Street art partners: Zuk Club

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