AKQA’s Nike Rise House of Mamba Wins Gold at Cannes Lions 2015 #Hamspiration

Nike Rise House of Mamba has just won Gold at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and it’s the kind of next-level experiential work that pushes our industry. Watch a summary, below..

Powered by its agency, AKQA, Rise House of Mamba takes us on a familiar journey of rags-to-glory, in a less familiar land–China. Alongside the LED basketball court viral sensation, this campaign is picking up steam within the basketball community, and it’s easy to see why. Rise is today’s #Hamspiration pick.

RISE, Lebron

Lebron James for Nike via akqa

The Ham’s Take

America has long been seen as the place where dreams come true, but China is giving birth to a new underdog story. In a land of a billion people, where Westerners are still viewed as foreign exotics, AKQA boldly sought to “create opportunity and break down barriers to inspire the next wave of players to rise to new heights.”

“Rise captured the imagination of a nation and beyond, inspiring kids across the world to play the game.”-AKQA

Inspiring messages like “we won’t give up or be beaten,” paired with the real stories of Chinese struggle, transform Rise House of Mamba from just another experiential campaign into an epic– a 100% pure Nike message that goes back to the roots of its brand. While American NBA stars, Kobe and Lebron, clearly represent the pinnacle of success–the global appeal of this Rise story is undeniable, not to mention, it takes place in Nike’s largest potential market.

video: akqa

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