Watch the Hilarious & Profound Philosophies of Detroit Larry

Here’s a creative and entertaining web series that we can get behind. This creative work was submitted by Eric Alexander-Hughes, editor and son/nephew of the Hughes Brothers. The series is titled Detroit Larry: The Bitter Truth. Watch the entire web series, right here on The Ham.

Detroit Larry: The Bitter Truth

Detroit Larry director Eric Alexander HughesEric elaborates on Detroit Larry:

“My uncle (Albert Hughes) and I recently finished a documentary on Detroit as a part of a larger film series called ‘We The Economy’.

Since we finished the documentary, my uncle and I have been putting together a small web series based on one of our hilarious, yet profound interview subjects. Using outtakes that we’re ‘too colorful’ for the larger documentary, our web series consists of 17 episodes, each under a minute, where “Detroit” Larry gives us his bitter take on the world. He’s like a real life version of Fred Sanford and George Jefferson. He’s a bitter pill that can be both ignorant and profound within the same sentence.

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