There’s A Nawlins Soda on The Block: Fest Cola

For those looking to learn about what makes New Orleans tick, look no further than New Orleans’ Original Craft Soda, Fest. In this first work for the brand they helped to develop, CPR and Partners claims that Flavor is the city’s birthright.




New Orleans By The Bottle (Campaign)

fest website

“Rising floodwaters couldn’t kill this city’s spirit, or erase its timeless legacy as the one true birthplace of unadulterated originality and inspiration. Fest is just the next way we plan on proving it to the world” pitches the brand.

fest soda

Fest’s line of original (never-before-imagined) sodas are naturally flavored and sweetened with real Louisiana cane sugar. Nicknamed for some of the city’s more infamous, if not famous, inspirations, the complete line includes Almond Cola (Bamboula), Satsuma Mint (Flambeaux), Pecan Root Beer (Papa Joe), and Bourbon Cream Soda (Lulu).


Submitted by: Justin Bonura
Advertising Agency: CPR + Partners, New Orleans, US
Creative Director: Justin Bonura / Rocky Russo / David Caruso
Art Director: David Caruso / Rocky Russo
Copywriter: Justin Bonura
Illustrator: Rocky Russo
Photographer: Denny Culbert
Additional credits: Temple Ruff / Account Supervisor

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