10 Holiday Gifts For Creatives, 2016 Edition

As the holiday season buries us in last-second deliverables, overtime hours, and a few “would you mind sticking around until Becky ____’s”, you might as well spend a little time buying a last-minute gift for someone on your team (who are we kidding? go buy yourself something fun).

Below is a handpicked, sponsorship free, must-buy gifts for creatives. If you see something you like, buy it, or share the article with somebody at your company with an outstanding IOU.

10 Holiday Gifts For Creatives

  1. gifts for creatives #1 draplin bookDraplin Design Book – An instant classic, and material for your designers’ next wet dream. James Draplin offers ‘valuable advice and hilarious commentary that illustrates how much more goes into design than just what appears on the page.’ Get it here.
  2. ANTISOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB – Snagging gear from Antisocial Social Club is next to impossible on their website—as soon as they release something new, it’s sold out. Neek Lurk’s life project went ham amongst trend-saavy women and creatives in 2016, and the underground brand featuring “Windows 95  colors” and Korean flags, among other symbols, hasn’t looked back. You can keep a close eye on their instagram, or you can track down authentic ASSC items on sale on eBay.
  3.  October’s Very Own – Because they secretly want it. Get it here.
  4.  Noah Marion Quality Leather Goods – Your creatives deserve better than a Urban Outfitters gift card (sorry, Urban). Noah Marion Quality Leather Goods is an Austin-based leather goods shop with pieces that are nothing short of incredible. Undyed, natural, handcrafted…and f-cking perfect leather goods. Snag a few items here, and gift them to your favorite team members. May we suggest the Sam Browne Cuff?
  5. gifts for creatives cereal magazineCEREAL MAGAZINE – Created by the wonderful Rosalia Park, this magazine is everything that somebody who craves nothing would love. Simplicity + Adventure + Design. Buy a subscription here.
  6. Travel Luggage – Inspiring your creative’s to seek creative inspiration abroad isn’t just the cool thing to do, it’s the right thing to do. Nothing says ‘Get the f-ck out of the office!’  like the gift of traveling gear.  Everybody has a Herschel, and while dope, may we suggest something light and versatile from Patagonia?
  7. Coloring Book, Chance The Rapper – Easily the top breakout hip-hop artist of the year, Chance The Rapper deserves every, damn iTunes purchase we can give him. Amazingly, the rapper has managed to explode, entirely through social and Soundcloud, remaining independent and free to create however he wants.

    Sneak onto your fellow creative’s computer when they’re away, and download the album for them.

  8. samsung gear vr gifts for creativesSamsung Gear VR – Gasp! A creative site is suggesting something other than an Apple product?! Look, if one of the creatives in your office is a Samsung person (there’s always one), they’ll love you for gifting them a Samsung Gear VR—just double-check to make sure their phone is compatible first. Gear VR can be found for as low as $59.99 and it’s sure as hell worth it.
  9. A Succulent Plant – Studies prove that having an indoor plant increases your health and well-being. It’s nature…and it’s also a cheap, cool gift that’ll remind them you cared at one point in time.
  10. William Murray Golf Hats – ICYMI, Bill Murray launched a new, expensive golf line. It’s pretty damn awesome, and your golf-loving creative friend will LOVE the stretch fit. The hat is so popular that bootlegged version are selling for $90.00+ on eBay. Get it here.

featured image via NoahMarion.com

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