How The Hubspot Blog Drives 2 Million Monthly Visitors #Hamspiration

image of John Bonini via Twitter

image of John Bonini via Twitter

John Bonini is a copywriter extraordinaire who is endorsed by some of the internet’s top marketers, like Anne Handley who explains, “John is like a Portkey into the content marketing world — transporting your ordinary web content into something far more magical. No actual magic is involved, of course: He just knows a lot more about the specifics and mechanics of copy that converts than most Muggles.”

John Bonini

Louder Than Words via iTunes

Most recently, John has embarked on a podcast project called Louder Than Words— a podcast for “anyone in a creative position–writers, designers, artists, YOU!– that seeks a little creative inspiration to stay sharp.”  Every week, Bonini sits down with some of the more remarkable folks in a variety of industries to learn more about their overall creative process.

image of Pamela Vaughan via Twitter

image of Pamela Vaughan via Twitter

As agencies and companies begin hiring editorial managers over brand managers, a sign of the growing need for quality content, Bonini sat down with Pamela Vaughan, the manager of the growth and optimization of Hubspot Content. In this enlightening podcast episode, Vaughan discusses the process that drove 2 Million monthly visitors to the Hubspot blog, and she tells Bonini how even small agencies can achieve similar results with limited resources. We tip our hat to Mr. Bonini, this podcats is a must-listen.


Click Here To Listen To The Podcast & Learn How The Hubspot Blog Drives 2 Million Monthly Visitors

The Ham’s Take

In the beginning of his podcast, Bonini apologizes for having “a listenership that probably consists of his mother”, but at the current rate and quality of his interviews…his mom is about to be everywhere.  We expect his podcast audience to grow exponentially within the creative and advertising industry. Vaughan’s interview  with Bonini is today’s #hamspiration and a must-listen for anyone who is interested in inbound marketing, content, the creative process, and working at an agency.



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