INDUSTRY Inspiration #Hamspiration

Every Monday, join The Creative Ham for #Hamspiration – a post featuring something creatively daring and meaningful. We scour the internet and your submissions to deliver the most inspiring pieces of work out there.

This week, we are featuring a beautiful agency video by INDUSTRY PDX in Portland, Oregon. For our reader’s convenience, we have transcribed the voiceover:

Opportunity is everywhere.
Sometimes it’s just waiting to be discovered,
And sometimes we have to create it,
By force of will.

Innovation is not some patented process.
It’s about adapting,
Pushing forward towards something…better.

Every revolution starts like this.
Everything around us can be imagined, designed,
And created….better.

We’re always moving, adapting, and changing.
And once in a while,
We make a great leap forward.

It doesn’t have to be perfect,
But we do have to be willing to try.
To fail. To sweat.
To define: what’s better.
To define: what’s next.

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