SRG Launches Campaign for Two Moms in The Raw

Colorado based Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) has just launched a campaign for Two Moms in The Raw— an organic, no-GMO food product line. Like so many Eureka moments, the genesis for Two Moms in The Raw came in 2004 when founder and CEO Shari Leidich was diagnosed with MS.

Two Moms in The Raw

Almost immediately, she embarked on a quest to find a powerful and holistic approach to healing. Through a lot of trial and error she eventually discovered a natural path to wellness through raw food nutrition. Now, Shari and her mom (the other half of Two Moms) are on a mission to reimagine how people snack – with hearty, delicious ingredients in their most potent and powerful form.

Two Mom's In The Raw

As agency of record, Sterling-Rice Group crafted the brand vision and a new “Raw Nature, Mother Nurtured” campaign — a campaign that celebrates raw food in all its unadorned glory. Simple hero visuals of pure ingredients are paired with playful and provocative headlines that honestly capture the unbridled moxie of both the Moms and the brand.

Robert Borges, Creative Director at SRG gave The Ham his POV:

Robert Borges Sterling Rice Group“Unlike many challenger brands that walk and talk like mainstream Fortune 500 CPG companies, Two Moms in the Raw is true to their DNA; they’re scrappy, passionate and believe wholeheartedly in what they’re doing. They’re not afraid of being who they are, or telling the world what they’re about. Are you kidding me? What creative team wouldn’t want to work on a brand like that? The Two Moms ethos resonated with our team, and led to some spirited and entertaining concepting sessions. The core of what they do is organic, natural, unprocessed and uncooked ingredients, so the campaign had to champion the honest ingredients while conveying the sassy and somewhat unconventional vibe of the founder and the brand. We had a blast developing the campaign and look forward to rolling it out in the coming months.”

The Ham’s Take:

We live in an era where storytelling wins, but the women at Two Moms are going to need their “scrappy, passionate” energy in an already over-crowded niche within consumer products: granola/health bars. Fortunately for the ladies at Two Moms, they picked one of the nation’s top dogs in CPG. Sterling-Rice has a strong history of work with brands like Quaker, Pepsi, Hershey’s, Nestle, Kellogg’s and a dozen other CPG brands. All else equal, we expect big growth for this brand, and consider its campaign one to keep an eye on.

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