8 Newly Released NPR Stories That Will Make You A More Creative Person

After 44 years on the air, syndication to 900+ public radio stations, and countless stories, NPR has finally opened its radio waves for third parties to share online. Announced today, NPR is now allowing publishers everywhere to download and embed over 800,000 stories.  This is fucking awesome.

source: giphy

source: giphy

In celebration of the access to NPR’s work, we’ve compiled our first list of NPR-only content to get your creative juices flowing–a handpicked selection of creative prose for you to enjoy!

8 NPR Stories on Creativity

1. ‘From TED Talks To Taco Bell, Abuzz With Silicon Valley-Style ‘Disruption’

 Frank Masi/HBO, source: npr

Frank Masi/HBO, source: npr

2. Nick Cave: ‘The Creative Process Is An Altered State In Itself’

3. Why We Miss Creative Ideas That Are Right Under Our Noses

4. When It Comes To Creativity, Are Two Heads Better Than One?

5. ‘You Have To Be Bored’: Dan Deacon On Creativity

Frank Hamilton, source: npr

Frank Hamilton, source: npr

6. ‘Imagine’ That: Fostering Creativity In The Workplace

7. For Creative People, Cheating Comes More Easily

8. Creativity, Learned or Innate?


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