15 Places to Find Creative Jobs, In Order of Awesomeness

Finding creative jobs, easy. Finding the right creative job? That’s a different story. Ad agency employment is at its highest level since 2001, which is great news for creatives looking for a job. Sifting through the opportunities can be a fulltime job itself, so I’ve compiled a list of 15 places to find creative jobs:

15 Places to Find Creative Jobs

1. The Job Board – Not to be biased, but our job board is the best. We feature handpicked creative jobs, posted daily from the world’s foremost agencies, brands and evil villain conglomerates.

2. Poachable – If you’re currently employed, Poachable is an awesome way to see what’s out there without risking your job–allowing you to search and be searched for anonymously.

3. Nomad Jobs – Creative? Love traveling? This job board features “remote” jobs with a heavy focus on development and programming jobs.

4. The Egotist – The Denver Egotist, more specifically, features some great Denver-based jobs for advertising professionals.

5. Dice – A great job hunting site if you’re on the tech side of the creative industry.

6. Stack Overlflow – This is another great techie job site–limited to engineering, programming, and development jobs.

7. The Idealist – If you’re passionate about charity or nonprofit work, this is a great place to find a job. While not limited to creative careers, there’s always a few diamonds in the rough here.

8. Dribbble – Originally established as a portfolio site, dribbble also touts a pretty awesome job board for designers.

9. Tech Cocktail – A consistent source of tech jobs.

10.Behance’s Joblist – If you’re looking for a graphic design job, this is a great place to start.

11. Talentzoo – One of the beasts, Talentzoo is frequently serves large brands, and has a great selection of marketing and advertising jobs.

12. The Crunch Board – TechCrunch’s job board has a simple, classified-like layout and is one of those gems where you might find your next web/app development job.

13. Indeed – It’s one of the beasts, but if you dig around…you’ll find something quality.

14. Creative Jobs Central – While the UI isn’t our favorite, there’s some sneaky, good finds here.

15. Media Bistro – There’s almost too many jobs posted here, but at the high-price range to post a job, job seekers are likely to find quality postings.

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Why We Compiled This List of Creative Jobs Sites

Listen up guys and gals. We aren’t aiming to create the largest job board online. We’re hoping to put together a list of the best creative jobs across the country. More importantly, we want to help you find your little piece of happiness in the creative industry–if that means listing our competitors, so be it. We hope you share this list with your friends, continue to support us by bookmarking our job board, and find your next gig!

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