21 Marvelous Adventure Photos by Renan Ozturk #Wanderlust

From Denver to Tibet, Patagonia to Turkey, Chad to Myanmar and many other exotic places, photographer Renan Ozturk is producing some of the most glorious photos to have ever graced Instagram. He is our generation’s Steve McCurry or Nick Nichols, an adventure photographer with a heart for the unknown and an eye to be reckoned with. The artist is also a photographer for many big name brands–most notably National Geographic & North Face. His work is sure to inspire you. Today’s #Wanderlust pick feature the work of Renan:

21 Adventure Photos by Renan Ozturk

A video posted by Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk) on

A video posted by Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk) on

A photo posted by Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk) on

And yes, this is Renan…

A few incredible videos featuring Renan Ozturk’s work.

What is #Wanderlust?

Every Friday, when our wick has been burnt down to its end, the folks at The Creative Ham suffer from wanderlust. Don’t you? Like most agency folk, we crave for creative getaways and far off lands; it’s our nature. Join The Butchery every Friday for #Wanderlust – a feature on a creative or adventurous place that fills the need (or perhaps, evokes the need) of Wanderlust.

(source: renan_ozturk on instagram)

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