EraserFarm Saves Elephants with the SAFE Campaign

The SAFE Campaign was created by EraserFarm (Tampa) to educate travelers about the poaching epidemic of Africa’s elephants. SAFE is an organization galvanizing the travel industry to save the African elephant.

The SAFE Campaign by EraserFarm

“The statistic that 35,000 African elephants are being killed each year for their ivory was really pretty awful to digest. At that rate, they’ll be gone in as little as 11 years. We wanted travelers to understand what these figures mean. And without the elephant, ecosystems would be adversely affected as elephants spread seeds everywhere from trees they feed on. And the African travel industry would implode as well.” -James Rosene, EraserFarm

The SAFE Campaign – Print Work:

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The SAFE Campaign

SAFE Campaign_Final4

SAFE Campaign_Final5

images courtesy of EraserFarm

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