The End of An Era: Skymall Declares Bankruptcy

It’s one of the few joys of your crappy airline experience: Skymall. The beloved magazine can be found in almost every airline seat-back, and it’s filled with silly things that we loved to entertain the thought of owning (some of us even own something from Skymall). Announced today, the digital age has finally wiped out the Skymall era; the company behind SkyMall has declared bankruptcy.

As first reported by, “According to documents released on Friday, Xhibit Corporation,, which owned SkyMall as well as a series of other subsidiaries, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, The Phoenix, Arizona based company had sold an assortment of products through the its magazine-style catalogue that could be found in the seatback of almost every airline flight in the U.S. SkyMall was founded in 1989, and its magazine is available to about 650 million air travelers per year. SkyMall will go up for sale, as long as a bankruptcy court approves the company’s request.”

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