18 Newly Released Superbowl Ads & Teasers (Superbowl 2015)

pierce brosnan

A still from KIA’s “The Perfect Getaway” commercial by David & Goliath

Below are 18 of the most recently released Superbowl ads and teasers. Which superbowl ads are you looking forward to watching? Which agency will take home the glory?

1. Kid President (Coca Cola)

2. Danny Trejo (Snickers)

3.Real Life Pacman (Bud Light)

4.Kim’s Data Stash (T-Mobile)

5. NO MORE Superbowl (NFL)

6. Real Strength (Dove Men)

7. Dreaming w/ Jeff Bridges (Squarespace)

8. It’s That Easy (WIX)

9. Empowering (Microsoft)

10. Invisible Mindy Kaling (Nationwide)

11. Lost Dog (Budweiser)

12. Fable (Mercedes Benz)

13. How Great I Am (Toyota)

14. The Perfect Getaway, Pierce Brosnan (KIA)

15. Newfangled Idea (BMW)

16. Make Some Noise (Lexus)

17. Victoria’s Secret

18. It Will Be Settled (Skittles)

The big game is just around the corner, and this year’s Superbowl ads look to be as entertaining as ever–maybe that’s because the stakes are higher than ever. The average Superbowl commercial is expected to average $4,500,000 for a 30-second spot, and brands are already expected to break records in ad spend, with a total of $359M being forked over on the big game. So which ads will have the greatest impact?

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