The Lexus Hoverboard is Here in All Its Glory #BaconBits

It’s time to whip out all of the Back To The Future quips: Somebody call Marty McFly because a functional hoverboard (not a spoof, cough-cough HUVrTech) has hit the skatepark. This week, Lexus finally unveiled a prototype hoverboard that’s powered by nitrogen-cool superconductors and powerful magnets:

Don’t get too excited.

The Lexus hoverboard will not be mass-produced or made available for purchase, as it is a prototype that was made solely for the purpose of advertising Lexus’ technologic superiority. The hoverboard is a content marketing play that’s part of bigger campaign, called Amazing In Motion—a brand initiative to convey thought leadership to the younger, tech-saavy Millenial generation.

Lexus says, “[The new technology] represents true innovation and imagination, together pushing the boundaries of technology even further.” They are inviting people to to experience the entire journey, as Lexus demonstrates the desire to create enjoyment out of motion. Amazing In Motion, features a series of ground-breaking technology projects that you’ll want to check out.

lexus hoverboard
source: lexus

The Ham’s Take

A hoverboard?! The only thing that we can geek out on more would be a tele-porter, or perhaps a lightsaber. The hoverboard, and the Amazing In Motion campaign, is setting a new standard for content marketing.

According to Lexus’ partner on the project, IZEA, the campaign is generating 1,000 tweets/hour and a 20% increase of “Lexus” mentions on Twitter—this activity has been stimulated by the wide coverage of its campaign on nearly every publication, from Wired to Forbes, Time Magazine, and more. Well done, Lexus—if you haven’t proven your technologic superiority, you’ve proven that you rock at content marketing.

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