The World Within #Hamspiration

There are over 25,000 advertising agencies in The United States, and millions of people employed by the creative industry. The immensity of it all can be daunting. Throw in client critiques, sleepless nights, and strict deadlines, and creativity can get lost. As others around you succeed or fail, it’s a common pitfall to compare yourself to others. Do not do this.

“You’re creative because you were made creative. Everything else is an illusion.”

For today’s #Hampsiration, we challenge you to explore the world within and heed the words of this gentlemanly scholar. Know yourself (and know your client’s brand), and let loose the creativity–a coffee might help, as well.

What is #Hamspiration?

Every Monday, join The Creative Ham for #Hamspiration – a post featuring something creatively daring and meaningful. We scour the internet and your submissions to deliver the most inspiring pieces of work or inspiration out there.

h/t: toby mitchell

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