20 Trippy GIFs by Geoff J. Kim We Love

Geoff Kim is an artist, designer and illustrator based out of New York, NY.  He’s originally from California, but his talent has taken him across the coast where he currently makes pictures for VICE, Virgin, and many other notable brands.  Geoff sat down with The Creative Ham to discuss his work:
geoff j. kim gig

CH:  Your GIFs are all kinds of awesome. Where do you draw your inspiration?

GK:  “My inspiration for the GIFs draws from making my illustrations move, and ‘breathe a little.’  New York has been a big part of the inspiration, but I actually started making the GIF series while living in Amsterdam. I lived there for almost 5 years, and only recently moved back to New York.”


CH:  What’s next on your GIF-making docket?

GK:  “A lot is next, but right now I’m working on 2 album covers for artists I admire. Last year I was brought on by Vice to work on their electronic music channel Thump where I’ve headed the design of a mix series called MIXED BY and ON DECK where I create digital covers tailored to each artist. There’s a lot of big names coming up so looking forward to working on them. I hope to keep working on GIFs as well but have been focusing on a variety of other projects that I’m passionate about. We’ll see it all pans out.”

CH:  You’re a true ham. Thank you, Geoff!  We hope it continues to pan out for you.

Here are some more GIFs by Geoff J. Kim for your viewing pleasure




Geoff J. Kim















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