Hefty® Ultimate™ Cups Has A New Hilarious Campaign Called #PartyHardMoms

Hefty® Ultimate™ Cups has just released a campaign that features suburban moms turnt down for a whole lot of what. Watch today’s featured #BaconBits– the brand-proclaimed “baes” sharing their #PartyHardMom stories:


Worth It


Havas tells us,
“Traditionally mothers are cast in one light: wholesome caregivers for their children. But the reality is moms are much more complex and multifaceted. Their social networks are extremely important to them, and time spent with friends is often a welcome escape from the drudgery of daily life.”

The Ham’s Take

There’s more than just funny moms here. The juxtaposition of what is likely to be Hefty® Cups’ largest markets–moms and frat parties–makes for a hilarious concept. We can appreciate a brand that sees their product for what it is, and then revels in it.

While we can’t confirm if there was a lot of agency-client back and forth on this, given the bold nature of this copy, we anticipate the struggle was real. Fortunately for Hefty®, it appears they trusted their agency Havas Worldwide Chicago, and went with it…because this work is top notch. Piggybacking on Havas’ mission statement, we expect this campaign to make a meaningful connection with consumers, as its execution is flawless.

“Dat beard doe, I’d swipe right for that. #Blessed”

Agency: Havas Worldwide Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Peterson
Group Creative Director: Ecole Weinstein
Creative Director: Shelby Georgis
Copywriter: Matt Bush/Kristi Lira
Art Director: Katie Rogers
Co-Head of Production: Dave Evans
Group Account Director: Lisa Evia
Account Executive: Christina Banuelos

Production Company: One Thousand Percent
Director(s): Antonio Santos, Phil Pinto
Producer: Kris Rey-Talley/John Condne

Executive Producer: Lauren Shawe
Producer: Jordan Sider/Kara Weinert
Post Production: Studio 6 Chicago
Editor: Steven Mach/Kelsey Moher
Senior Audio Engineer: CRC, Mark Ruff
Color Grade: Studio 6 NYC/Peter Berthold
CG/Graphics: Feral/Jon Gallo

Havas Media:
Vanessa Watts
Bethany Whipple
Liz Gaydos
Lacey Meece
Briggs Horn
Lauren Tamm
Liz Brock

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