The 21 Best Shower Thoughts Of All Time…Of The Month

We’ve said it before, the best ideas stem from nonsense and aha! moments that frequently come from drunken rants, sarcastic shit-shooting, and our favorite: shower thoughts. To further inspire your creative wandering, we’ve compile a list from reddit of the best shower thoughts of May-June 2015.


The 21 Best Shower Thoughts Of All Time…Of The Month

1. At age 30, you’ve spent a month having birthdays. –lolexplode

2. In Japan, radiation creates monsters (Godzilla) and in America radiation creates superheroes.XCosmicBananaX

3. The fact that our arms are long enough to reach our genitals is one of the biggest things we take for granted. –igotthepowah

4. You should be able to yell “BE RIGHT THERE” to your phone and since it knows you’re coming, it gives you a few extra rings before sending the user to voicemail.salvisa

5. The saying ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ should be changed to ‘Money can’t prevent sadness’. –HamBeetus

6. The name of the band “Gorillaz” is a pun, because a group of gorillas is called a band.

7. When you search “Best SEO (search engine optimization) tutorial”, you can trust the first result. dirtydansie

8. I wonder if my cat thinks the delivery guy is my owner because He gives Me food.reoh

9. As an adult, I’m not eating nearly as much ice cream as 10 year old me thought I would. –zaogao_

10. They should make realistic Gatorade commercials where hungover people try to drink it without sitting up all the way.SeedofEden

11. Ten-year old me would be so angry to find out I could afford a monkey and haven’t bought one. –kvw260

12. Someone should use screen recording software to record an entire day’s worth of working on spreadsheets and post it to YouTube so that I can play it full screen and pretend like I’m working.peacesreese

13. I love how stars are billions of miles apart and we’re like “that’s a soup ladle”. –o2lsports

14. Pacman was the first survival game with the undead chasing you.Grendil13

15. If I save up all my dryer lint, I could spin it back into yarn and knit myself a sweater that’s the average color of my entire wardrobe. –Tommy84

16. I wonder if spiders get as pissed off as I do when I walk through their webs…elonc

17. China has a billion people in it. One-in-a-million things happen one thousand times a day. –tlery

18. It’s kinda sad that we’re in a time where a main selling point in advertisements of foods is that they’re made with 100% of the “real” ingredients that they’re supposed to be made up of.PewPewUDeaded

19. The Milky Way could well be the galaxy with the most milk in it. –wbyte

20. Google maps should have a feature where if you know a better route, you can say “OK, Google, watch this,” and then drive it. They could improve their directions that way. –ItsALiberalPlot

21. There should be a shop where they have a boob scanner which 3D prints the perfect bra for you. –dinosaur-crack

Which one of these shower thoughts are your favorite? Comment below.

featured image via pixabay

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